iSpring Suite Max - eLearning Course Authoring Toolkit

Super easy e-learning authoring tool to create SCORM compliant, interactive, mobile‑friendly eLearning  content.

Ispring suite overview v3

iSpring Suite Max

Provide a great learning experience to your employees, learners, partners and customers.

iSpring Suite Max

 Fully stocked course authoring tool for creating elearning courses, quizzes, assessments, roleplays & simulations, ebooks, video tutorials and more..

iSpring Suite

Easy eLearning authoring in PowerPoint

Cowork with your team on courses

Role-plays, Navigation and playback

Quick publishing

Video lessons and screencasts

Interactions and Quizzes for training

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iSpring Content Library

Content Library provides Template library

Customizable fonts and colors.

Huge collection of characters, Locations Gadgets and office supplies.

600 professional icons

Buttons, switches and other controls

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iSpring Space

Store your courses and tests in one location.

Create courses and tests right in your browser and cowork on them with your team.

Share content by simply sending a link

Receive feedback and comment on your colleagues’ projects (coming soon)

Ispring quiz maker

Create your first course in a minute with iSpring Suite

Outstanding mobile-friendly eLearning starts with your PowerPoint presentation. Simply add a video narration, shoot a screencast, insert a quizor use any other iSpring Suite Max feature. When you're done, just click Publish to upload a course to your LMS. 

Ispring quizmaker 2

Provide new knowledge with self‑paced courses

Convert existing PowerPoint presentations into online courses in a couple of clicks. Upon conversion, all PowerPoint effects, animations, and transitions will be preserved. 

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Test knowledge. Get comprehensive assessments

 Create an online quiz in a snap! 

  1. Choose from 14 ready-to-go question templates.
  2. Use branching scenarios and feedback slides.
  3. Set scoring rules, randomize questions and answers to create truly cheat-proof tests.
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Develop communication skills with interactive role‑plays

  1. Train your sales representatives and call center operators in a safe-to-fail environment with iSpring Suite.
  2. Turn existing scripts into captivating role-play simulations. Simply choose a character and build the dialogue scenario in a super easy drag-and-drop editor. No design or technical skills required.
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Educate and engage through video

Easily record video lectures, watch-and-repeat tutorials, software simulations, and other visual content that will motivate your learners to complete courses well before the deadlines. 

  • Video based course
    Create video-based courses

    Enhance the content of each slide with a backstory. With iSpring, you can easily record or import a video narration for your course right in PowerPoint.

  • Shoot and screencasts
    Shoot screencasts

    Record anything from corporate software tutorials to brief video instructions. You can add a video narration and annotations to guide your viewers step by step.

  • Edit
    Edit videos in the studio

    With a built-in video studio, you can fine-tune your videos, add music, effects, text, and more. You don’t need any additional software or fancy video editing skills.

Create fabulous courses from ready-made blocks with iSpring content library

  • Content library svg
Create v3 2
  • Powerpoint
    450 slide templates

    You can pull a professional-looking course together quickly with versatile slide templates — just select slides that fit your learning scenario, enter texts and add images, and your course is ready to go!

  • Character
    65,000 character images

    Add characters of different ages, ethnicities, and professions to create unique content. Choose from 300+ photos of each of the 212 characters with a variety of facial expressions and poses to create any learning scenario.

  • Images
    1,025 location images

    Forget about scrolling through stock photos in search of a high-quality, crisp, neat backdrop. Select from 1,000+ backgrounds: airports, banks, offices, hospitals, classrooms, warehouses, etc.; any location you might need.

Work on eLearning projects as a team in the central online space

  • Ispring space svg

Work on courses together with your team

The project files are always in perfect order and easy for you and your team to access in iSpring Space. Just send your colleagues and SMEs a link, and they’ll be able to review your content.

Create courses

Build interactive courses in your browser

You can create courses and quizzes for an LMS online, without installing a thing. All you need is an Internet connection and iSpring Space — just add texts, images, and videos, and your course is ready! 

Create course v7

Get approval from stakeholders faster

The review and approval process can be clear, productive, and fast. Instead of tracking multiple copies and revisions, send stakeholders a link to a draft course and receive their feedback right there.

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iSpring Suite Max Pricing



All-in-one e-learning

USD billed annually

INR billed annually


Easy eLearning authoring in PowerPoint

USD billed annually

INR billed annually


iSpring Suite - $770

iSpring Suite - ₹47,425

Easy eLearning authoring in PowerPoint

Text to Speech - $397

Text to Speech - ₹29,775

A tool for converting text into a natural-sounding voiceover

Content Library - $397

Content Library - ₹29,775

89,000+ templates, backgrounds, icons, images and characters for faster course creation

iSpring Space - $770

iSpring Space - ₹60,850

Online space for teamwork on eLearning projects

24/7 Technical Support - $397

24/7 Technical Support - ₹29,775

Instant help via phone, email, and chat

Online authoring tool

Create courses and tests right in your browser and cowork on them with your team

Review tool

Receive feedback from your team and leave comments

Total Value - $2334

Total Value - ₹195,220

*Taxes as applicable

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iSpring Suite

Compatibility checked with 160+ leading LMSs

Enjoy hassle-free LMS compatibility – iSpring Suite and your LMS are always in sync! 

As the leader in course authoring tools for the last 20 years, iSpring has manually verified the compatibility with 160+ learning management systems.

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