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Build quizzes and tests based on real work scenarios to identify employees’ skill gaps. Use easy-to-read employee reports to analyze assessment results and generate actionable insights.

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Identify Skill Gaps

Find out how skilled your employees are by creating insightful quizzes and tests to uncover employees' skill gaps, create quizzes and examinations based on real-world circumstances.

Make your assessment process fun and engaging for all your employees with iSpring QuizMaker.

Quickly identify v2 (1)

Create Opportunities for Practice

To lessen cognitive stress, combine portions of theory with interactive questions free. 

Ispring quiz practice

Drive Knowledge Retention

To help employees deepen and reinforce knowledge obtained from the training, end each session with a quiz.

Drive knowledge retention v2 (1)
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  • 14 question types for effective assessment

    Rethink employee training and knowledge assessment with iSpring’s quiz maker for business. Choose from 14 ready-to-go question templates and build quizzes, tests, and surveys in minutes.

Make online quizzes and assessments useful, appealing, and just difficult enough.

Create quizzes and assessments that are tailored to your specific learning objectives. To match your company style, vary the types of questions and activities, change the regulations, and create quizzes. 

Answer feedback

Provide thorough comments to students so they can reflect on their mistakes and improve their performance. You can add relevant facts or a whole article on a topic and explain why an answer is erroneous.

Answer feedback

Info slides

Additional slides with thorough information on the subject can be added to your training quizzes and assessments to make them more interesting. Employees will be more motivated to understand the topics they've learned as a result of this.

Info slides

Branching scenarios

Create personalised learning routes based on how well each employee does on the quiz. If an employee delivers a proper answer, for example, they might proceed to the next question. Otherwise, they must read an information slide before proceeding.

Branching scenarios

Audio-based questions

You can test employees' practical knowledge and skills using audio-based questions. If it's a medical equipment quiz, for example, you may see how well your personnel understand distinct alarm sounds.

Audio based questions v1

Quizzes and tests with equations

You may design quizzes and tests with mathematical symbols and expressions like square root, power, integral, and many others with iSpring's built-in Equation Editor. You could, for example, create a quiz for nurses in which they must compute medicine doses and infusion rates.

Quizzes with equations

What you get with iSpring QuizMaker

  • Fully automated
  • Attention grabbing quizzes
  • Insightful reports
  • "With iSpring QuizMaker, I can put 500 questions in, and it still flies like lightning. Other tools would grind to a halt when I got anywhere up to 50-60 questions. "

    Russell Sawchuk , Сreator of Learning Nurse
  • "We will often put short quizzes in between the chapters of learning paths in order to anchor in the learning. It is easy to build quizzes with iSpring quizmaker"

    Leslie Cutter, Global Digital Marketing Manager at Moxa Inc.
  • "Learners see their results immediately after they complete a quiz, so they know right away how they did. If they didn’t pass the quiz, they must repeat that lesson. "

    Bekie Wesson, Training Coordinator with Acer Service

Compatibility tested with 160 LMSs

We manually verified quiz and test compatibility in terms of playback on desktop, tablet, laptop, and mobile devices, as well as the accuracy of scoring and reporting.

Supports SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, xAPI, cmi5, AICC file formats

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